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July 26, 2019

Just sharing this link to an interesting article.


More health care reform: March 17, 2010

March 19, 2010

Here’s a link to the amendments:

Health Care Reform 2009

March 10, 2010

One of my co-workers forwarded an email to me yesterday which allegedly was written by a physician who had read the Health Care Reform Bill, and the email claimed that he had read the entire bill and point by point detailed problems with it. Well, prior to that I was not really interested in reading it myself, but the comments in this email seemed by vague and to me a little biased. I decided I wanted to read the bill myself.

Yesterday and today I have been searching for the “Health Care Reform” bill at Yahoo and Google, and it’s not easy to find! It is amazing to me that it is so hard to find it! I found an article that states that the Senate version will be the one considered in the “Reconciliation” process. I have not had a chance to read this yet, but thought I would post some links to what I found just in case anyone else is interested.

ABC news article:

Senate Version of H.R.3590 the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”:

Thomas page that lead me to the Senate Version:

House version of H.R.3962, the “Affordable Health Care for America Act”:

Thomas page that lead to House version:

Evidently there is also a “Reconciliation Package” that will be presented to the House for a vote, and I can’t find that online right now. According to the news it appears to have not been released yet?…

Anyway, here it is – read them for yourself if you are interested and so inclined….

Copyright laws and photographs frustrations

March 9, 2010

Everyday I come across something that makes me think and ponder.  The past few days I’ve been thinking about copyright laws and professional photographers.  What caused me to think about this?  Well I have some very old family photos that are about 30 to 35 years old in my possession.  They are (insert name of any well-known portrait photographer here) photographs taken of my sister and I when we were very young children.  My sister wanted a “copy” of them all, but of course she could not get copies made of any of them anywhere.  It doesn’t matter that the pictures were taken of “us”, by a professional photographer who charged a “fee” to our mother to take the pictures of us, and that they were taken eons ago.  No one will make a copy of them.  No one!  Except maybe (insert name of any well-known portrait photographer here), but why should I give them any more of our money?  Legally, I haven’t researched the issue of how long their copyright applies (70 years?  120 years? don’t know) because it really doesn’t matter to me.  We have no plans to make any copies; I will just give most of the pictures to my sister and keep a few of them for my children – problem solved…

Even in spite of the fact that I have no intention of making a copy of the pictures though, the fact that they continue to hold a copyright to an image of my sister and I, that our mother paid to have taken years ago, it still bothers me.  There is just something about it that just seems “unfair” and “inequitable”.  I know they had to purchase their equipment, pay their employees, etc, etc,; but why would they still be charging us for “our” image to be copied almost 40 years later?  And even though sometimes I tend to be a little vain, I really don’t see anything artistic or unique about these photographs, other than the fact that they are of my sister and me.  They are just like any other staged photograph taken during the same time period probably; just change the children in the image is all – they are common, generic boilerplate pictures.

Actually upon reflection, this copyright issue HAS bothered me for years, and in fact my feelings about it have also influenced my choices as a consumer too.  It got me to thinking, and I’m wondering if it bothers other people, and I’m also wondering if it has influenced their choices as consumers.

For instance, from the time when my oldest son was an infant and even into his growing up years, it was pretty common for me to take him to have his pictures taken professionally.  I did this at least once a year; wherever I found a “special” coupon or bargain that I could afford it (money was very tight for us during those years).  I was always frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t afford all of the packages that I wanted to purchase at that time though, and further frustrated by the difficultly and expense of trying to return and purchase copies from the original photographer years later.  And, of course I learned very quickly that I could not get those pictures copied any other way neither, even if they were not marked with the name of the photography studio.  No one would copy them because it was obvious that they were staged “professional” photographs.  And then several years later when photocopy machines for photographs became available in drug stores, we still could not copy them.  The copyright laws applied and no one would copy them.  Many of them though I have no idea who the original photographer was; there is no indication anywhere on them, and I can’t remember where I had them taken at.  Kmart? Wal-Mart? I think I even have some from Woolworth’s even…

When my younger son was born, once again I had some of his first pictures taken professionally.  But then, digital cameras had become available at a price I could afford, and my husband purchased one.  I absolutely became crazy obsessed with the digital camera and taking pictures of my youngest child!  I took pictures focused out far, pictures focused in close, pictures upside down!  The camera was practically glued to my hand!  And, amazingly I realized that I’m not that bad at taking pictures!  With a digital camera anyone can be a good photographer; you just keep snapping away and deleting what you don’t like…  Gradually as I gained more experience, I learned to be an even better photographer.  I’m a dang good picture taker now!  I’ve even moved on from taking pictures of only my children to taking pictures of flowers and other objects and scenes.  I love my camera!

And…you know what?  The past 4 or 5 years the only professional pictures that have been taken of my child have been taken by the school.  I have no desire to drag my child out of bed on a weekend, get him reluctantly dressed up in clothes he never wears except to pose for a picture, and take him in to a photographer who is a stranger to him to have his picture taken while he is posed in an unnatural position!  I’ve even begun comparing MY pictures that I take to the quality of the previously taken professional pictures that I have, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I like my pictures better!  They show my child as he really is!  And that’s what memories are about anyway, isn’t it?  And I can email my digital pictures into my local Walgreen or Wal-Mart, and have them printed into a portrait package of 8X10, 5×7, and wallet sizes for family – isn’t that cool!?

So, I have finally concluded that I will never have a professional picture taken of my child ever again (except the yearly school pictures).  Go ahead and keep your professional pictures, and your copyright.  I prefer to take my own pictures and add my copyright to the bottom of them myself (mine really are a work of art to me). 🙂

For the professional photographers still in business out there, may I make a tentative suggestion?  Maybe you should offer people the right to pay an additional fee to purchase the option to copy your pictures.  Another suggestion – how about getting rid of that sitting fee too while your at it!  It probably won’t bring back my business, but it may stem the flow of your continuing loss of business in this recession…  Just some thoughts….

P.S.  It’s rather late tonight, but I will be posting some more of my awesome they should win awards pictures of the most adorable children in the world (sons and granddaughters) at a later time – that’s a promise! 🙂